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Jo & Darren

Anne is personable and professional while remaining totally friendly and relaxed. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. We wouldn't contemplate another renovation or build without her.

She used her expertise to provide a beautiful solution, that is practical and timeless whilst keeping our budget in mind. Her knowledge of environmental considerations and the impact of different building materials helped us to feel confident we were making good, practical and ecological choices.

Anne helped us redesign our home to suit our needs, not just for now but into the future. We cannot believe how simply she totally changed the way we live.


Working with Anne took all the stress out of the design process. We had never undertaken a project like this before and she made it easy for us. When faced with challenges in the design, we were confident Anne would find a practical and beautiful solution. If Darren and I disagreed, or weren't sure about a decision, Anne worked it through with us and found a solution we were both happy with


Her experience and expertise offered great value for money - for her services but also for our renovations. Anne knew how and when we could spend money wisely to improve the design and make the house feel really special, but without unnecessary costs.

Next build, we will use Anne's services from beginning to end.

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