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Knockdown shed to teenage retreat

We'd always thought the leaking, leaning, rotten shed would be knocked down until tight finances and teenage children returning to the house meant we needed more room..... but cheap.

So we had to do everything ourselves and buy as little as possible.

We reused bits and pieces we had leftover from demolishing parts of the house and did everything (or nearly everything) ourselves (thanks Simon and Richard)

One: Remove Plants

A 50? year old tricolour bougainvillea took a day to remove and replant.. it is doing well yeah!

The pineapple in the foreground was uprooted many times by dog (bottom left) until planted out of sight.. also doing well

Two: Empty shed

The shed was a half way house for stuff we didn't use but weren't emotionally ready to remove form the house. It took two weekends before everything was out and our porch piled high. The shed was a Tardis.. bigger on the inside...

Three: Remove cladding

Weatherboards were all denailed and posted on gumtree (free). After tens of emails and phone calls in the first hour I realised I should have sold them.. they are now being upcycled into a stable down in northern NSW

Four: Level Slab

The concrete floor had a slope, the rear part of the floor started below ground level. We poured a new level topping slab where our new storage shed was to be.

Five: Framing

The walls were so out of plumb that in places we packed 45 mm. We put in new openings, built internal wall and placed supports where the new sheet cladding needed fixing. Finally we had to buy some timber.

Six: External Cladding

We lined the openings with 140 mm floorboards and the external walls with ply (screw fixed). The plywood was pre oiled before installation. There's a new (old) door on the shed that had a serious twist and took much fiddling to actually lock and a lot of work with the plane before painting.

Seven: Electrical

Added powerpoints to every corner and new fluro light fittings (so old bulbs could be used) Splashed out on the external wall lights.

Eight: Roof

The skillion roof had to be repitched and all rafters replaced. To get some eave overhang we need to add some cantilevered shelf beams. The rafters were new and the beam reused. Made some simple mistakes (like assuming 5.4 m lengths meant 5.4 m lengths and forgot that the building wasn't square). Zac the roofer will clad in new Prodeck

Nine: Internal Cladding

A collage of 12mm cladding in the storage room and repurposed shelves and hooks. There's some excellent new heavy ones from rubbermaid

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